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Well, I didn’t!

Continuing my theme of ‘What I Learned this Summer’ is this…while attending a session at The Kansas Conference on Volunteerism led by Jamie Crispin, Deputy Director of The Kansas Volunteer Commission, on how to become a Certified Volunteer Administrator, she sha...

April 29, 2019

Aaah. This is so good! Watch CEO of LinkedIn, Jeff Weiner explain to Oprah how compassionate leadership means not leaving a pitcher on the mound for too long. 

So much of what Volunteer Relations℠ is built on is this very concept. As Volunteer Managers, your responsibility is t...

Members need information, but not too much information when something is ‘going down’.

Ripped from Marla’s Volunteer Relations Headlines, once again, an issue that I just managed for a client.  This is for a youth leadership organization where we have adult and child members....

Situation: Volunteers report ‘wrong doing’ on the part of another Volunteer. You, Volunteer Administrator, do your due diligence and investigate the issue and it is resolved. The resolution includes the reported Volunteer paying back all outstanding moneys (under $150) and Vol...

"Lesson one: Your employees are adults" 

As Volunteer Management and HR Professionals, we sometimes forget the very basic basics of what we do. Join TED Talk series 'The Way We Work' and Patty McCord, the iconic former chief talent officer at Netflix, shares the key insights t...

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