Executive Leadership Coaching



The ideal coaching client is the person who has the power to influence others

Executive & Leadership Coaching

We specialize in teaming with:

The Leader who can benefit from the perspective, direction and accountability of a Coach/Advisor in order to more fully develop in the current role.

The high-performing Leader who benefits from direction and insight of a Coach/Advisor to grow to the next level of professionalism, results, and influence of organizational culture.

In all cases, we work with our clients towards specific professional goals. This can include:

  • Full understanding of and embracing of current role 

  • Building effective teams

  • Leading staff

  • Leading up

  • Communication skills

  • Dealing effectively with conflict

  • Performance management

  • Strategic thinking and planning for future growth within the organization

  • And, More -


Client solutions are as individual as the Client

The most important component - the client and the coach MUST have a trust, rapport and experience to bring out the best in the Executive.

Speaking & Presentation Skills

Are you presenting a keynote address, a training or facilitating a meeting?

Each requires a specific skillset, however, one thing always remains the same.

Your authenticity.

Why should you reinvent the wheel?

Learn from my many years of cultivating my stage persona, message, delivery and sales message to move my audiences towards action.  That's why you're standing there - to send a message and to move people to act.

19 consecutive years as a Keynote presenter for Anaheim Orange County Hotel & Lodging Association.

I have spoken for Microsoft.

I have been Director or Training for eHarmony.

I have spoken in 48 US States, across Canada and Puerto Rico.

I have had every glitch, heckler & technical snafu you can imagine.

I have spoken in a pitch black room during a power outage in Texas.

I have spoken with a cattle auction going in the next room in Wyoming.

I have spoken during hurricane watches, blizzards and in Alaska when it was 20 below and the heat didn't work in the hall.

But, I have also had great praise and great clients.

Praise and ongoing relationship with members of Zig Ziglar's Staff in Dallas.

Hired on the spot for a keynote for Disney in Anaheim.

Huge kudos from members of Oprah's Staff in Chicago.

And, on and on.

No need to reinvent the wheel. I got you.