Executive Leadership Coaching


Team Building

Team Building Isn't Just for 'Broken Teams'

When teams don't work, everyone is aware of it. Dysfunction permeates every area of the business - and like a disease, if untreated can spread and take over all of the good that your organization has set out to do.


Know Where You Are

Know Where You Want to Go

Know How to Get There

Individual Assessments

See Yourself as Others See You

We have used many survey and assessment tools over the years and have narrowed our choices into a few 'Personality/Temperament' and 360 Degree Feedback tools that are:

1. Mind-Blowingly Accurate

2. Reliable

3. Easy to Use and non-tedious - for both our Clients and for ourselves as Administrators

We provide reports that are visually easy-to-understand

We always deliver the 'Truth' with empathy and kindness.

We Coach to the survey results teamed with the individual's ability to shift beliefs and behaviors towards desired outcomes so that the survey process becomes a beginning - not an end.

Organizational Assessments & Surveys


Employee Engagement Surveys 

Climate Surveys

Employee Satisfaction Surveys 

Different Titles, But They All Mean the Same Thing..

and, that is - How do employees view the organization and their place within it?

Our team will work with you in order to:

  • Design surveys that ask the right questions

  • Ensure a safe and confidential third-party status to ensure maximum employee participation

  • Design and deliver custom reports that dice and slice the data in useful ways

  • Interpret survey results for ACTION


Post Results: Surveys are only beneficial when the results are acted upon. We provide Focus Group design, Facilitation and Action planning so you can make the improvements in the organization that will move you towards meeting and exceeding your goals!

WE Culture = Success

Wholehearted Exemplary Teams

Wholehearted Exemplary teams are those that work so seamlessly and so well towards the Mission, that they don't appear to require much attention. Don't ignore a High-Performing Team - even the best require regular maintenance and attention. Doing so keeps the team fresh and moving forward.


Our Hybrid Approach to Team-Building Encourages Real-World Tools, Solutions and Discussion are highly interactive, part training, part facilitation.

  • Varied opportunity to demonstrate and apply skills in a non-threatening environment

  • The ability to learn and apply incrementally

  • Opportunities to review and refine skills from real- life scenarios

  • To develop individual and department action plans