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Aim High in Steering Your Volunteer Conflict Management

Imagine you are driving your car and all you can see are the 5-feet of road in front of you. You may find yourself swerving or changing direction frequently in order to manage each pothole or rut.
It's not unusual for many organizations to handle their conflict management with '5-footsolutions (or for my metric friends, 1.524 Meters).  These are not 'bad', but may be short-sighted in that they only allow one to see about 5-feet ahead on that bumpy road.
Typical 5-foot solutions include:
  • A policy that doesn't go much further than having the adults in conflict speak directly to one another.
  • Instructing Staff to use and teach communication techniques such as:
    • 'I feel, when you' - 'I feel inconvenienced when you are late...'
    • 'I' Statements - 'I need for you to (start, stop, change, etc.)..'
      •  or some variation of those.
  • Treating all issues that appear to be conflicts as 'true' conflicts.
How's that workin' for you?'
It's probably not working well at all - 5-foot solutions are spotty at best. 
Here's why:
Volunteers in conflict 1. generally refuse to speak directly to one another (with some exceptions and only with super-specific direction) and, 2. often report issues while wanting to remain anonymous.
'I Statements' are typically highly ineffectual because 1. the complainant may have difficulty defining WHAT they are even feeling, and 2. the respondent may find it difficult to see the other's viewpoint or may not even care about how their behaviors are effecting the other person.
AND, not every issue that appears to be a conflict, really is.
On average, only 57% of reported issues are 'true' conflicts.
So, unless your Staff is differentiating, most are providing the wrong solution for a misdiagnosed issue.
No wonder you are disappointed and frustrated!
Instead, aim high in steering when it comes to your Volunteer conflict management.
Here's what I mean.  Volunteer Conflict Management is complex. The more Volunteers and Staff you have, the more complex it becomes. You want a solution that is a long-distance System, not just techniques to get you through the next 5-feet.

Thank you Marla.

I am so pleased with the

support our Staff is receiving from you and Volunteer Relations℠. It was well worth the investment and has already proven to be a game changer! 

--Melanie Wills-Tavares


You need a System,
The Volunteer Conflict Management System℠
The Volunteer Conflict Management System
is a Serious Solution if
Volunteer Conflict is Interfering with Your Ability to Deliver Your Mission or Services
We are not talking about squabbles, tiffs, hissy fits or simple disagreements between Volunteers. We are talking about the escalated, damaging situations that are dropped right into your lap.
Volunteer Conflict & Misconduct Issues Include:
  • Report of a long-standing feud between Volunteers.

  • Report of an Adult bullying another Adult.

  • Report of a situation where multiple Volunteers are involved and they are 'taking sides'.

  • Report beyond 'simple' financial concerns.

  • Report of Volunteer 'going to the media' or 'contacting my attorney'.


'Typical' conflict resolution seminars aren't targeted or powerful enough to tackle these issues.

You need a System,
The Volunteer Conflict Management System℠
Here's what you get with our proprietary system:

  • Needs Assessment Survey
  • Staff interviews in order to customize The System
  • Volunteer Relations Conflict Management Roadmaps
    • Versions for Staff & for Volunteers
  • Onsite Training of All Staff and core Volunteer Relations Staff to implement The System
  • Conflict Tracking Mechanism with EZ Dashboard
    • Our tracking system is precise! You get a high-level view of every issue, what category it falls into, level of parties involved and much, much more.
  • 60-Days of post-training phone coaching

All designed for your long-term success

Conflict Management Sounding Board

Conflict Management Advice For When You Need it Most

  • Are you in a perplexing conflict situation with a Volunteer?
  • Have you communicated with the Volunteer and you are not seeing results?
  • Do you have a super-complex issue and need to bounce some ideas off of someone who is truly neutral and not emotionally invested in the situation?
Sometimes you need advice on specific situations — conflict issues that suddenly pop up or those that have been brewing and now, must be addressed.  The Conflict Management Sounding Board option is perfect for those who need specific, customized help on those seemingly out of control issues. Instead of continuing to bang your head on the wall, let Marla guide you through.
If you are ready to get the best conflict management advice out there, RIGHT NOW, this is the time to let Marla help you.  Contact Marla now.
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