Manage Volunteer Conflict with Courage, Compassion & Clarity

3 'C's to Successful Volunteer Conflict Management
  • Courage: Meet Each Situation with Confident Bravery
  • Compassion: Conflict does not mean being angry or a wimp.
  • Clarity is critical to optimal outcomes - Discover how to determine & convey your expectations.

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Are Volunteer Conflicts Really a Problem?
As Volunteer Administrators, we all know that sometimes Volunteers don't get along with other Volunteers...or, with some Members...or, with some Staff...or, with other Board members. You get the idea.
But, is it really that much of a problem?
And, how do you know what intervention is needed if you don't have a clear picture of the specific damage that a Volunteer conflict can have on the organization?
This 4-minute video, an excerpt from my training course Manage Volunteer Conflict with Courage, Compassion & Clarity, simplifies how issues may be effecting your organization and helps you to decide whether to step in (or not).
OK - I hope that was helpful.
If you have decided that Volunteer conflicts are indeed an issue and you are ready to start the journey of solution-based conflict management interventions, join me at Volunteer Relations Institute for this 90-minute on-demand foundational training course that:
  1. Prepares you to have courageous conversations. (Yes, this is the perspective to prepare you for even the most uncomfortable exchange!).
  2. Provides you with a compassionate and empathetic view of people's positions while giving you specific language to address conflict issues directly with the involved parties. (Yes, this is what you say!!)
  3. Provides you with the clarity to think ahead to acceptable solutions and nail down an unshakeable agreement of what each person will do next to resolve the situation. (Yes, you are going to ensure that they are crystal clear about how they will work together moving forward, any and all timelines AND consequences if they don't follow through :-0 !!!)
So, there you go. Solutions do exist for a problem that you may not even have known you had!!!