$30M. Wait. What?

I'm sure you've see the news story trending all over social media about the latest GS lawsuit.

This apparently started with the kind of complaint that occurs every day. A parent (Member) was unhappy about how cookie money earned by girls was spent by the troop. And, now it has escalated to a news story of this magnitude and punctuated with a photo of a very sad little girl PLUS a $30M lawsuit .

When (not if) this kind of complaint occurs, it ALL comes down to process.

  • When the Volunteer (Troop Leader) learned of the unhappy Member, how was that Volunteer prepared (trained) to respond?

  • When the complaint came to Council Administration Level, what process was followed to investigate from all angles (and not JUDGE)?

  • How were the parties communicated to with findings and results?

Granted, a news story is not going to answer all of the questions or may not even portray this full story accurately. What this story does, however, is punctuate precisely why the Volunteer Relations Conflict Management System℠ was created; to manage this kind of issue that has now become 'news' and is costly in so many ways for so many people and for the Girl Scout organization.

For those of you who are supporting Volunteers, please know that there is help - this kind of outcome does not have to occur.


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