Do NOT Hijack the Conversation

Watch yourself, here. Even though #4 of my '4 Things NOT to Say to an Angry Person' 3-minute training video is 'Do NOT Hijack the Conversation', it's a super easy trap to fall into. I even caught myself breaking rule #4 just this past week, so I needed a refresher and thought I would share with you.

We do it all the time.


'I know just how you's like the time that I...'

'When that happened to me, I...'

We do it for a variety of reasons,

not necessarily because we are jerks or narcissists.

  • We believe we are creating connection.

  • We believe we are being empathetic.

  • OR, because that's how we 'connect the dots' in our own heads.

But, when we look at the WIIFT (What's In It For Them) we're not achieving connection or empathy.

Watch the '4 Things' Video AND take a look at this great Ted article called "Why we should all stop saying “I know exactly how you feel” that takes this topic further.