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Volunteer Relations℠ is a Service Mark of Volunteer Relations Consulting Group, LLC.


A Volunteer contacts you with a complaint. It might be about another Volunteer, or how they perceived a situation or any number of other issues.  And, of course, you listen carefully. You try to put the pieces of the puzzle together to identify the events and any breaches of policy, protocol, expected behaviors and the like.


And, you come up with nothing...nada. Because, as many times as you and your staff speak with this Volunteer, they really aren't giving you anything other than a ball of emotions. LOTS of emotions and no verifiable data.


This always leaves us in that 'now what do we do?' position. They've given you nothing and yet, they keep calling and taking up time.


So, here's what you do next. Provide this Volunteer Relations Case Submission Form for Volunteers (customized, of course) to have them be accountable for giving you their account in a written format.  By doing this, we now strip the emotion out of the events and they must be solid and verifiable.  

If/when you receive the returned document (note that there is a very clear Timeline & Consequence) you will either have content that you can work with that perhaps the Volunteer was unable to express verbally or you have no usable data.


Good. Then you can either continue to pursue on their behalf  or close this matter due to lack of substantial cause.


Aannndd, Done.

Hey, don't go it alone. I'm here to support your toughest Volunteer issues.  Drop me a line!!


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