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Don't Leave the Pitcher on the Mound...

April 29, 2019


Aaah. This is so good! Watch CEO of LinkedIn, Jeff Weiner explain to Oprah how compassionate leadership means not leaving a pitcher on the mound for too long. 


So much of what Volunteer Relations℠ is built on is this very concept. As Volunteer Managers, your responsibility is towards your organization and those you serve. If and when a Volunteer is no longer suited, your most compassionate move is to:


1. Be clear about expectations. Behavior, actions, performance, whatever. Don't dance around it.


2. Timeline in which you expect to see a marked change. For example, '...I will expect to see this resolved no later than the first of next month (or at the next event, or next meeting, etc.)


3. Consequence of what will occur if that change doesn't happen. 


Like Jeff Weiner and Oprah agree, that's compassionate leadership in action.


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