Toxic Employees,Toxic Volunteers. Tomato, Tomahto

Now, in our current social culture, toxicity is, how shall I say this?...'Abundant'.

And, so, here is an article, 4 ways to identify a toxic employee before hiring them from Fast Company Magazine discussing how you can weed out those toxic employees before they get hired and wreak havoc on your environment.

In the Volunteer World, we don't always have the opportunity to see toxicity beforehand as the article suggests. In our world, we were happy to welcome a new Volunteer, and toxicity is what they may have brought along with them.

  • Have you been 'hesitant' to admitting that this occurs? (Oh, My! Not in OUR organization!!)

  • Is this your predicament?

  • Do you want to prevent this from occuring in your world? (perhaps, again?)

Take a look at my 3-minute video entitled ‘7 Signs You Have a Toxic Volunteer’. Then, get in touch with me via the contact form and let's get this taken care of. Pronto.