But, we've already discussed this...

It's deja vu all over again.

You need to speak to THAT person...again...about the same behaviors or issues that are causing disruption.

That person may be a high-performing employee or a beloved volunteer. If they would only change that ONE issue, we would all be skipping in fields of clover.

Give People Every Opportunity to Be Successful...

But, When They Aren't...

But, they don't change. And, you're tired of tying yourself into knots over these conversations as well as being the lucky recipient of all of the complaints.

So, in addition to having another conversation, add the following two components to seal the deal.

Timeline & Consequences

That's it. Simple. Add in a timeline that you expect a change to occur and the consequences if it doesn't.

In the difficult conversation with a volunteer*, for example you may add the following to the conclusion:

'If I receive another report of this or similar behavior within 90-days, your volunteer position may be at risk.'

Simple. We're not arguing that the behavior happened or didn't. We aren't arguing that they are right or wrong. We aren't arguing at all. We are simply being clear of our expected behavior, the timeline that we will be closely watching and the consequences if another report arrives on our doorstep.

Adjust the timeline, adjust the consequences, that's up to you.

No matter what is said before this statement, no matter how many times you have this conversation, this little statement will help you to move towards any next steps and take you out of the cycle of having this same conversation one more time.

Hope that helps! Let me know.


*In an employee situation, please confer with HR before proceeding.

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